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Do you desire to serve a true Mistress? One who will push your limits and never give you an inch? Then welcome to Lesbian Femme Domme. Here is not the place for lightweights. If you do not truly have a desire to submit, then turn around and leave.

But if you crave submission, then you’ve come to the right place. At Lesbian Femme Domme you will be under the tutelage of a unique Mistress indeed. She is unique because she is a lesbian. Oftentimes Mistresses will waver because of their own personal desires. Mistress Josephine is not like that. She has no desire for you at all. She just likes to use you for her own purposes.

The desire to submit can be a strong one. Many guys repress this feeling because they think it isn’t manly or tough. To be a true submissive you must be willing to hand over control and not look back.

But first you must share your deepest desires. We know you have fantasies that you keep hidden because of fear or shame but there will be none of that here. Mistress Josephine will draw your desires out and use them to play with you.

Forced Bi

There’s nothing Mistress Josephine likes more than to watch guys be forced into sexual acts. She will have you on your knees, begging to suck a man’s cock. You have secretly dreamed about this, haven’t you? It’s been a burning desire that you refuse to admit yet it keeps coming back to haunt you. Maybe you’ve even tasted your own cum to see what it would be like. With our forced bi phone sex sessions, these fantasies will be unleashed and you will enjoy every delicious moment of it.

Slave Training

Perhaps you desire to be a true slave. At Lesbian Femme Domme you will receive rigid sub training through our submissive phone sex training sessions. Mistress Josephine will mould you into the perfect slave; ready and willing to obey all commands. This is something you desire, is it not? To be on your knees, showing your devotion to your Mistress? Our slave training phone sex sessions will reward you when you are good and punish you when you are bad.


Perhaps you are a submissive of a different sort. One who likes to be dressed up like a sissy and played with. Because Mistress Josephine loves women, she has a soft spot for sissies and loves to tease and torture them. You can receive sissy maid training, feminization phone sex sessions and more.

At Lesbian Femme Domme, submission is not taken lightly. You will be turned into the ideal sub and you will feel pleasure at the thought of serving another. After all, it is your destiny.

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